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The Favour Story

Favours or Bomboniere are the perfect way to say "thank you" to family and friends for sharing your special occasion. They can be given for different reasons, the most popular being Wedding, Birth, Baptism or First Holy Comunnion. Favours are also given for Confirmation, Graduation, Wedding Anniversaries and parties.
Traditionally favours contain five sugared almonds which represent:
Wealth, Health, Happiness, Fertility, Longevity
Wedding favours date back many centuries and are considered traditional at Wedding receptions by various cultures. In fact, it has been said that brides and grooms have been giving favours to their guests since the 16th Century. They are considered one of the most important wedding accessory needed to celebrate your big day and are well received by guests.
Originally they were only given by people in the upper class bracket. The French used to give out "Bombonières" to their guests or "Bomboniera" as they are called in Italy. These were well presented boxes, normally made of crystal or porcelain and would contain bombons. Overtime the contents of these boxes have gone from bombons to almonds to sugared almonds and to the fantastic array and choice of presenting them that we have today.